Echo’s Best Imprints

The Dollhouse vault held the imprints of countless unique minds ranging from “dirty pirate wench” to “rocket scientist.” During her stint in the Dollhouse, Echo inhabited around forty of these minds, which eventually became a permanent part of her composite personality. Although many of these personalities were just slight variations of sexual fantasies, assassins, and fill-in-the-blank experts, there a few characters that stood out among the rest. 5. Rebecca Mynor

Wholesome, devoted Rebecca is a refreshing reprise from Echo's usual “romantic” encounters. Her modest floral dress and wide-eyed horror at the thought of her husband making porn show that this engagement is more than a sexual fantasy—it's an emotional one. Patton Oswalt plays Joel Mynor, a grieving husband desperate to reconnect with his wife after her tragic death. This scenario carries a bit of retrospective weight, as Oswalt recently lost his own wife to a sudden, unexpected illness. When Echo's engagement is cut short by the gallant, blundering Agent Ballard, it's clear that even she is struck by the connection between Mynor and his wife. In her simple, childlike way, she asks to go back and finish the job to give the couple their happy ending. Rebecca returns in the second season to provide closure and grant her blessing on her husband's upcoming remarriage. 4. Esther Carpenter

Esther is the perfect spy, but not in the way you'd expect. Instead of acting chops and experience in espionage, Esther is given only one thing: faith. Confident, determined, and serene, Esther is exactly what she seems—or at least as far as she's aware. Topher achieves a clever feat in neurologically blinding Echo to turn her eyes into cameras for an FBI surveillance team. Esther's faith doesn't outweigh her pragmatism, though. When things get hot, (i.e. the pastor tries to burn the church with everyone inside) she helps the congregation escape. “God brought me here. He has a message for you. That message is MOVE your ASS!” 3. Susan

Topher lets a bit of light shine through his moral grayness in “Briar Rose” when he engineers an altruistic engagement. Echo's imprint is a best-case-scenario, all-grown-up version of a troubled kid named Susan. Echo seems to get through to the troubled but likable delinquent where others have failed. It's almost as if Susan is time traveling to save her own life. 2. Terry Marion Karrens

Well goodness gracious, this is an interesting imprint. When the Dollhouse sets out to interrogate a comatose serial killer by imprinting Victor with his personality, a technical snafu results in Echo and Victor swapping imprints. Victor becomes a ditzy college co-ed, and Echo becomes Karrens, dangerous and on the loose. This character is particularly interesting from an acting perspective. We see three actors tackle the same role, and in the third incarnation from a female perspective. It's also an important moment for Echo's development. She's able to overcome, albeit only for a moment, a mind so powerful and compulsive that its true owner to kill. 1. Caroline

The persona of Echo evolves from a blank child-state to become so much more. The essence of her character, however, comes from a single imprint: Caroline. Dollhouse posits many philosophical questions about identity, self, and the soul. Although Topher argues that Caroline's 'soul' was removed, Echo's tenacity and sense of justice persist even when her memories are gone. Caroline has a will so powerful she cannot be erased.

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